HCG Diet Austin TX

HCG Diet Austin TX

Dr. Broder: Hello, I’m Dr. Lawrence Broder, MD, medical director of Beleza Medical Spa in Austin, Texas. I’m here today to talk to you briefly about the HCG Medical Weight Loss Diet. I guess if you’re watching this video, you have some weight to lose. You’re wondering how this diet will help you lose that weight. We all know there are millions of diets out there. Most of those diets, whether they’re food supplements or medications, will help you lose some weight initially. The problem is that there is no long-term weight loss. We want you to lose weight and keep it off. I see patients every day asking me, “Doctor, I work out. I go to the gym every day. I eat right. I’m not losing weight.” The problem is, is to understand the dynamics of weight loss and weight gain. You have to understand, one pound of fat equals 3500 calories. Let’s say you have 20 extra pounds on your body. That 20 pounds equals 70,000 calories. That means you have to be negative 70,000 calories to lose that 20 pounds. Not only do you have to eat well, you have to be negative in caloric intake to somehow to lose that weight. We can say, “Maybe I can exercise that off, maybe I can burn those calories off my body.” That’s another problem. The problem with exercise, that if the average person walks a mile, they burn about 100 calories. If you want to burn off a pound of fat, you have to walk 35 miles. I bet that at the end of that 35-mile walk you’re going to be hungry and you’ll probably eat more than 3500 calories. Plus the appetite stimulation continues, and you tend to compensate for your exercise. Exercise is not a answer to initial weight gain. It is extremely important for your health and your longevity. It is unbelievably important for your maintenance of weight loss. In initial weight loss, it has a role along with diet. Diet is probably more than 80 to 85 percent of initial weight loss. Exercise during that initial weight loss by watching your diet will make you lose more weight than if you didn’t exercise alone. What are we basically looking at here? The thing we have to really feel and look at in ourselves is that we are addicted to food. We are addicted to food for many reasons. The food industry, due to government subsidies, has made food so cheap that we spend a smaller percentage of our income on food now than our parents did. We eat out more. We see more commercials. We are given foods that are less nutritious and we eat larger portions. It just takes 100 calories a day over a month to gain one pound a month. You can imagine over the years, how much fat you can gain. That’s why we’re here talking about this right now. Unless we break this food addiction, you can lose weight initially but you won’t keep it off. This is where the hCG diet Austin comes in. The hCG diet Austin was proposed in the 1950s by a doctor in Italy. It had a resurgence in the ‘70s and now it is popular again. It is very controversial in the medical literature. There are studies that support it. There are studies that don’t support it. The diet is coupled with a hormone. That is the hGC, human chorionic gonadotropin. It is made by the placenta of pregnant women. The theory is that in pregnant women, the hCG along with maybe other substances released by the placenta, allows the fetus to access the fat stores of the mother. Even if the mother is not taking in enough calories, the fetus can access her fat stores to keep energy coming in to the fetus to continue growth. That’s how this diet works. The other part of the diet, you have to remember with hCG is the very low calorie diet, which is 500 calories a day. To give you some perspective, you probably need 2000 to 2500 calories, depending on your activity level and your sex, just to meet your basic daily core of needs. This is 500 calories. It’s almost a starvation diet. Then you’d ask, “Why don’t I just go on a 500 calorie a day starvation diet and I’ll lose weight?” You will lose weight, but you’ll lose it in ways you don’t want to. The body is designed through evolution to save its fat stores until we have food again. You will breakdown your protein, your muscle. Your blood sugar will drop and you will feel terrible and you will not be able to function. This is where the hCG comes in. The hCG appears to allow you to access your fat stores and to keep your blood sugar levels up so you can function and you feel good. It also allows you to access the fat in the areas around your body, specifically the abdomen and the thighs, and lose inches. You feel good, you lose weight and you lose inches with the hCG diet. hCG is FDA approved for ovulation induction in infertile women. It is not an FDA-approved indication. This is an off-label use. The good thing is that we use a dose that is one fiftieth of that dose. I have searched far and wide and have not found any side effects or any reason that you have to worry about the hCG. The dangerous part of the hCG program is the diet. To do a 500-calorie diet on your own is very dangerous. We do a physical that I supervise. We draw blood work and we follow you. You need this because it is very dangerous to be on a 500-calorie diet by yourself. With proper physician monitoring, it is very safe. The diet is very strict. Look at it as a ‘nutritional bootcamp’!  It teaches you to eat very small portions. It teaches you the good things to eat, the protein, the vegetables, the fruits. You can lose one to two pounds a day sometimes. The good thing is at the end of the diet you have learned how to eat and you have learned to break the food addiction. This is like going cold turkey from smoking, except that the hCG is a crutch that helps you go cold turkey. Then at the end of the diet, you have learned that you can eat less and survive and lose weight and feel good. That’s the important part. We are not looking for you to put the weight on again to go back to your normal. We want you to learn that you can eat those smaller portions and eat a healthier diet and lose weight too, and feel good. We use an topical cream form of hCG. There is also the injections. That’s how it was first used. The topical form is just as safe and effective, and avoids daily injections of medications. It is probably the diet that really breaks your food addiction and teaches you how to keep it off. The hCG, along with the diet, helps you get through it. It is a four to six-week program. We include various things in the diet like a digital scale, books, videos to teach you how to eat better. We have a nutritionist. We have other counseling. We want you to succeed. We want you to lose weight. We want you to have the ability at the end of the diet to have more muscle mass, to have less fat and to have the tools to continue on the rest of your life. It’s almost a bad thing to call it a diet. We want to change your life. You have to change your lifestyle. You have to change the way you eat. You must start to exercise when you lose the weight. We have personal trainers to help you with that, too. It is the lifestyle change that will keep you from gaining the weight. It will make you feel better, give you more energy and lead a happier life. I encourage you to make a consultation with me, Dr. Lawrence Broder, at BelezaMedicalSpa.com, 512-246-2639. Or e-mail us at info@belezamedicalspa.com. Thank you.

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